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Outstanding are the altarpiece of Santa Anna or the chalice of Calixto III, a beautiful piece of Gothic goldwork, which was given to the Collegiate by the pope. Los Borja en Valencia. This building was the seat of the Archdeacon of the Collegiate, a position traditionally held by a canon of Valencia Cathedral. CALLIXTUS III and ALEXANDER VI. Xativa: The legacy of the Borja in Xativa is important.

: Xàtiva, Els Borja.

Antoni Atienza Peñarroja. All the leading noble families built their homes here, as did the Duke of Gandia, where it is said that Pere Lluís Galcerà Borja, brother of Saint Francis Borgia and last Grand Master of the Order of Montesa, once lived. It towers over the Saint Anne hill on the outskirts of the city. It depicts real and imaginary sons of Xàtiva, above all religious ones such as the two popes, Callixtus III and Alexander VI, and adorns the façade of the Casa Artigues, home of a prominent local family of pharmacists. The noble keystone door is surmounted by the coat of arms of Callixtus III and two others of the Borgia-Oms branch of the family, which might belong to Roderic or Cesare Borgia, archbishops of Valencia. Like all the town’s families of nobles and knights, the richest branch of the Borgia decided to erect a funeral chapel: the church of Sant Francesc convent was chosen, located at the beginning of the stately Montacada street. The house was renovated in the sixteenth century and the door’s stone voussoir archway has been preserved. One of the most fascinating ways to see Xàtiva is to follow the Borgia route, which takes in the buildings and places that were related to this notorious family. Valencia. It was restored in the mid-15th century.

The Route of the Borgias is a cultural route, that includes sites associated with the Borja or Borgia, located in their native Valencian Community, Spain. Renovated in the 17th and 18th centuries, the mediaeval refectory and dormitory have been preserved to the present day. Santa Anna was originally a fortified enclosure but only the hermitage has survived. It consists of a single nave with three diaphragm arches and a Mudéjar coffered ceiling. "Els Borja, valencians". But as from the War of the Union, they exercised municipal magistracies, acquired dominions and thus strengthened their economic position. According to testimonies of the time, Alejandro VI was born in the current left mezzanine. Alfons de Borgia, acting in his position of cardinal, ordered the construction of the family chapel inside the Collegiate of Xàtiva. There they were buried Catalina de Borgia, sister of Calixto III, the grandparents of Roderic de Borgia and other relatives. VV.AA. “Nós mirem amb singular dilecció la ciutat i el seu país d’on som natural i que portem en les entranyes i desitgem amb el més sincer afecte el seu honor i prestigi.”, “We look with singular favour on our native city and country, which we carry in our hearts and whose honour and prestige we desire with the most sincere affection.“, Alejandro VI The square also houses the only surviving vestige of the former Trinitarios convent, a magnificent doorway. This route leads visitors around the main monuments associated with the Borgia family. Undoubtedly however, the Borgia’s richest artistic heritage can be found in the Museum of the Seu, guarded on the main facade by the bronze sculptures of both Borgia pontiffs. Santa Clara was originally a monastery of Poor Clare nuns, built following the testamentary disposition of Saurina d’Entença, widow of Roger de Lauria. This flamboyant Gothic monument was erected by Pope Alexander VI; it offers staggering panoramic views of Xàtiva and el Castell. Santiago La Parra: "La ruta valenciana de los Borja". However, centuries later, the chapel was demolished. The Archdeacon Palace, built in the fifteenth century, is also related to the Borgia family.

Martí Domínguez: "Els Borja". The Borgias were a family of Aragonese origin, who settled in the Kingdom of Valencia, after its King James I of Aragon wrested control from Moorish rulers. The five preserved panels of this beautiful altarpiece are a hallmark of Gothic painting. «We look with singular predilection the city and the country where we are natural and that we carry in the bowels and we wish with the most sincere affection their honor and prestige». : Els Borja a la sotsgovernació de Xàtiva (cat.exposición), Ajuntament de Xàtiva, 1994. The Route traces the Borgia’s legacy of art and architecture across Valencian lands. Pope Callixtus III, who ordered the construction of the subsequently demolished Borgia chapel, was baptised here. The family’s evil fame, to some extent deserved, has been magnified by portrayals in film and literature. : Los Borja: del mundo gótico al universo renacentista (cat.exposición), Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia, Generalitat Valenciana, 2001. Xàtiva can boast of being the birthplace of the Borgias, one of the most powerful families of the Renaissance. Itinerari fotográfic, Ajuntament de Xàtiva, 1992. The Borgia Route leads us along the trail of one of the most powerful families of the Renaissance. Flamboyant Gothic style, was erected by Cardinal Rodrigo de Borgia in 1456. The only surviving vestiges of its past existence are the beautiful remains preserved in the museum, including the vault keystone and the angel corbel that supported this prominent family’s coat of arms. The marketing of the route was inaugurated in 2007.[1][2].

: Xàtiva. You can get more information or how to change the settings in this link. Valencia: The legacy of the family in the capital of the Kingdom of Valencia was numerous. Example of the so-called Gothic of conquest, diffused by the mendicant orders. Their reputation had its origins in the nepotism of the two popes and the intrigues of Alexander VI and his children, Giovanni, Cesare, Lucrezia and Goffredo, but should be placed its historical context.

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