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De eerste wedstrijd tussen FC Barcelona en Real Madrid (destijds nog Madrid CF) werd op 13 mei 1902 gespeeld ter gelegenheid van de kroning van Alfonso XIII, een vriendelijk, onofficieel toernooi. Hail Madrid, the team of the government and the embarrassment of Spain! He led the whole of Spain into believing that Real Madrid were the flag-bearers of his regime while the Blaugrana, plying their trade amidst oppression were the revolutionary heroes making bold statements on the pitch and expressing themselves through beautiful football. In 2005 werd het 0-3 door doelpunten van Samuel Eto'o en Ronaldinho (2x), en in mei 2009 werd het 2-6 met doelpunten van Thierry Henry (2x), Lionel Messi (2x), Carles Puyol en Piqué voor FC Barcelona en van Sergio Ramos en Gonzalo Higuaín voor Real Madrid. It seems that the Catalan club had already sealed a deal with River Plate, the Argentine’s legal employers at the time, and had even seen him feature for them in a couple of friendlies. Real Madrid were a diplomatic and political tool for the dictator, in more ways than one. Without a doubt, clubs like Barcelona and Athletic Club, who represent Catalonia and the Basque Country respectively, suffered during the regime due to their regions’ demands for their dialects, cultures, and individual identities to be officially recognised. We have all heard stories supporting either side of the argument about Francoists favouring Real Madrid during this period but there is no demonstrable proof that it did exist.

These are all good comments which help us to keep a sense of balance when discussing controversial topics such as this. In Franco’s quest for power, everything else was merely a means to an end. Whether that meant Real Madrid got favorable decisons in their way, I don't know as I was only 11 when Franco died but as I wrote earlier it is a convenient explanation to minimalize Real Madrid's great success in this era. In 2018 won Barcelona met 5-1, Luis Suárez maakte een hattrick. Muñoz Grandes had this to say to his friend: “Don’t you worry Santiago, already this has nothing to do with you, I will personally sort it out and in the future you send Astray to any part of the stadium you want.” Millán Astray was disciplined for his behaviour and never went to see Real Madrid play again. However, despite being one of the club’s most prominent members who was arrested and murdered by Franco’s troops, Ortega joins the ranks of the glorious dead for which the club never stood in solidarity. Their domestic exploits would see them go on to claim eight Primera División titles between 1953 and 1964, including the club’s famous run of four consecutive title wins between 1960 and 1964. the same old rehashed information.

Franco’s Spain was based on centralisation and ethnic, cultural and linguistic homogenisation, and anyone that challenged this was essentially suppressed. But several other incidents which occurred around football during Franco’s years are less obscure and remain undeterred by the expansion of the white army. As if playing by Franco’s rules wasn’t disgrace enough, Bernabéu and his men fanned the air of hatred brewing between Barcelona and Madrid by using the Generalísimo’s favouritism to steal Di Stéfano from the awnings of Camp Nou. Barcelona are inextricably linked with the cause of Catalan separatism, but why are Real Madrid seen as the team of the establishment? Furthermore, Real Madrid, like Manchester United in England, are the team that fans of other clubs love to hate, and the supposed connections with Franco are a convenient way of explaining away the club’s unrivalled success – as well as being another reason to place themselves in opposition to them. A nation recovering from the nightmares of a civil war was being put across as a land of champions.

The club was not always known as Real Madrid and mainly played under the title of Madrid Football Club from the early 1900s until 1920. It is one of those lays which mimic an original version, adding to it their own pinch of popular sentiment along with sheer mockery of the initial edition they draw from. In any case I’ll be subscribing to There's nothing more. Appreciating the time and energy you put into your blog and in depth information you present. But was Bernabéu a man of the regime? As well as Juan Carlos, his successor King Felipe VI has also been a presence at a number of Real Madrid games, including those of the club's basketball team. Bernabéu was fond of telling stories about his experiences during the war and in one he spoke of the moment his division entered the Catalan town of Lleida: “The old people in the town were looking at us crying with hate and when old people cry because of such hatred, there is no future for a people.”. Bernabéu had very few meetings with Franco and most of those he did have, were of an official nature.

The text in your post seem to be running off the screen Zowel Diego Maradona in 1985, Ronaldinho in 2005 als Andres Iniesta in 2016 kregen een staande ovatie in Estadio Santiago Bernabéu na hun uitstekende spel tijdens de wedstrijd. From the old to the new: who can fill the void in years to come for La Roja?

There is no shortage of people who would claim that Los Blancos’ success and wealth during that period was in some way owed to their underhand connections with the Generalísimo. Vijf jaar later (21 november 2015) won FC Barcelona met 0-4 in het Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, de scorende spelers waren Suarez (2×), Neymar en Iniesta. The message board to intelligently discuss the world's game. Success did not come immediately, however. De Superclásico van het seizoen 2001/2002 in Camp Nou miste Figo door een blessure, maar in 2003 kreeg hij het opnieuw zwaar te verduren. The circumstances which led to the striker eventually signing for Real Madrid, despite initially appearing set for Catalonia (he even played in a pre-season friendly for the Blaugrana), are certainly murky and difficult to unravel, but the conspiracy theories all point to Franco’s involvement. In 2002 he was posthumously awarded with the FIFA Order of Merit. A forward for Real Madrid before the Civil War; a soldier in Franco’s Nationalistas army during the War and the club’s president after it, Bernabéu knew how to mould football in a manner that would suit Franco’s scheme of things.

In 1950 volgde de grootste overwinning van FC Barcelona in de derby: 7-2, met een hattrick van de Argentijn Mateo Nicolau. The information contained in may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed without the prior written authority of "In that tie, [at the Bernabeu], Barcelona were overcome by military pressure and people close to the Falange (the nation's Fascist and National Syndicalist political party)," historian Joan Barau told Goal of the controversial match. Such draconian measures, in tandem with widespread suspicions that Madrid were beginning to be treated favourably, fuelled the idea that Franco had a soft spot for the capital club. Great article. The phrases somehow sink in, compelling one to think how such political hostility and cynicism could be so explicitly directed towards a football club. Inmiddels heeft de strijd tussen beide clubs zich ook uitgebreid naar het basketbal: FC Barcelona Bàsquet en Real Madrid Baloncesto zijn net als de voetbalteams grote rivalen. In 1955, acting upon the idea proposed by the L’Equipe journalist Gabriel Hanot and building upon the Copa Latina (a tournament involving clubs from France, Spain, Portugal and Italy), Bernabéu met in the Ambassador Hotel in Paris with Bedrignan and Gustav Sebes and created what was at first a loosely-constructed exhibition tournament played among invited teams, but which over time developed into what is today the Champions League. Bernabéu refused and went above Moscardó’s head to General Muñoz Grandes, a high ranking military official and a personal friend since both were in the 150th Division together. So negotiations were always likely to be difficult and protracted, even before Barcelona, the early frontrunners for his signature, made their interest known. He died in 1978, while the World Cup was being played in Argentina. Accusations of favouritism are thrown at every big club in every country. For him, they served as a convenient counterweight to Barcelona and everything the Catalan club stood for - if there was to be a dominant force in Spanish football, you can be sure Franco would want it to be Castilian royal rather than Catalan separatist. De vereenzelviging van Franco met Real Madrid deed de verhouding tussen Real en FC Barcelona geen goed, hoewel de leden van Real Madrid lang niet altijd blij waren met de bemoeienissen van Franco. Het was echter Real-voorzitter Santiago Bernabéu Yeste die in 1968 het vuurtje tussen beide clubs nog eens verder opstookte. Een van de meest opvallende figuren in de El Clásico de laatste jaren was de Portugees Luís Figo. The dictator, however, was not the keenest football fan one is likely to encounter in Spain. Real Madrid were the kings of Europe by a huge shot thanks to their massive success in European Cup tournaments. What was more dangerous was the fact that Franco knew where the feast was coming from. By its very nature, a centralising regime is built on the power of its capital, and the Franco regime was centred, politically and economically, around Madrid. Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up.

A season of redemption for Spanish football. Astray despite being terribly disfigured in conflict was a well-known ladies-man, grabbed a good looking woman and tried to kiss her. FC Barcelona won deze wedstrijd met 3-1. Kudos. However one afternoon Astray’s behaviour crossed the line.

Eibar to La Liga, Munich to Madrid, via Brazil – Tony Kroos, Viva Espana! For then, one directly comes across Francisco Franco himself and, of course, the devil’s advocate – Santiago Bernabéu. At the following game, Astray went along as usual and was surprised to see that he wasn’t allowed to enter into the VIP area. Thanks for sharing!

The story goes that, in 1943, after winning the first leg of a cup semi-final against Real Madrid 3-0, Barcelona’s players were paid a visit by one of Franco’s cronies, who reminded them that they were only allowed to play at all due to “the generosity of the regime”, and suggested in no uncertain terms that they ease off in the second leg. ‘Cavani can make Fernandes-esque impact at Man Utd’, Assist king to Arsenal outcast: The fall of Mesut Ozil, Klopp reveals Mane issue, explains Jones sub, are inherently Catalan and strongly associated with the cause of Catalanism. However, it was the Catalan club which stood firm upon its values while Real Madrid fell for Franco’s subtle plots. Spelers nog actief in La Liga gemarkeerd.[3]. Going back to the story of Di Stéfano, the regime may have had some small part to play in the events which led to the striker choosing the Bernabéu over the Camp Nou, but it is highly unlikely that their involvement was a major factor – after all, the government had more important things to be doing than concerning itself with football transfer dealings.

Toen in de finale Real Madrid een strafschop onthouden werd, gingen de poppen aan het dansen.[1]. Can ‘Super Mario’ live up to expectations in Madrid? When resistance in both Madrid and Barcelona was conquered by the fascist troops, Franco declared that the war had ended and established the foundation of his regime all over Spain. They could not have dared to have expressed any political sentiments as explicitly as the Catalans and the Basques did for perhaps the fear of losing the orchestrator of their unstoppable success, Santiago Bernabéu. in Firefox. Everything is very open with a very clear description of

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